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Recent Examples on the Web. So far, there's only one such module announced, though — an 8K, 3D camera attachment developed with camera company Lucid.

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A module is a software component or part of a program that contains one or more routines. One or more independently developed modules make up a program.

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A module is an individual part that combines with other components to make different things. You might have one module that's a cube, and another that's a slab of wood.

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Modules. A note about terminology: It's important to note that in TypeScript 1.5, the nomenclature has changed. "Internal modules" are now "namespaces".

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A module is a separate unit of software or hardware. Typical characteristics of modular components include portability, which allows them to be used in a variety of systems, and interoperability, which allows them to function with the components of other systems.

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Module definition, a separable component, frequently one that is interchangeable with others, for assembly into units of differing size, complexity, or function. See more.

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A module is a part of a program. Programs are composed of one or more independently developed modules that are not combined until the program is linked.

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The definition of a module is a standard unit of measurement in building planning, or a detachable part of a whole, or an independent unit that is part of a whole.

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The Module Type name for this Module is "mod_menu". The Help Screen for this Module. Administrator Sub-Menu. This Module shows the submenu navigation Module.

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The Install-Module cmdlet gets one or more modules that meet specified criteria from an online gallery, verifies that search results are valid modules, and copies module folders to the installation l…

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The Get-Module cmdlet gets the PowerShell modules that have been imported, or that can be imported, into a PowerShell session. The module object that Get-Module returns contains valuable information…

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module definition: 1. one of a set of separate parts that, when combined, form a complete whole: 2. one of the units that together make a complete course, taught especially at a college or university 3. a part of a spacecraft that can operate independently of the other parts, especially when…. Learn more.

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1. A standardized, often interchangeable component of a system or construction that is designed for easy assembly or flexible use: a sofa consisting of two end modules.

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The height of a capital will be one module, and its breadth two and one sixth modules. The capitals of each triglyph are to measure one sixth of a module.

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The purpose of this continuous learning module is to explain the space acquisition process outlined in National Security Space Acquisition Policy 03-01 (NSS 03-01) dated 27 December 2004.

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2019-01-04· 6.1.3. "Compiled" Python files¶ To speed up loading modules, Python caches the compiled version of each module in the __pycache__ directory under the name module. version.pyc, where the version encodes the format of the compiled file; it generally contains the Python version number.

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MS Access: Modules. A module is a collection of user-defined functions, subroutines, and global variables written in VBA code. These objects can then be used/called from anywhere in …

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6.4. Packages¶ Packages are a way of structuring Python's module namespace by using "dotted module names". For example, the module name A.B designates a submodule named B …

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5 Modules 5.1 Module Syntax. Erlang code is divided into modules. A module consists of a sequence of attributes and function declarations, each terminated by period (.).